Best working place on earth need YOU right now!!

Mas Mejor Trabajo en todo mundo TE necesita ahora mismo!

Världens bästa arbetsplats behöver DEJ just nu!

The traditional work: You wake up in the morning, you get stressed because you need urgent make your breakfast, shower, look your clothes and find something to put on. Stress eat breakfast and out to the car. You see that the weather is terrible. You get to your car and to the office. At office you notice no parking space, need to find one, finally you find one but far from office, your late and need to run in the terrible weather to the office. In the office finally sit down front of the work load. Clients need to be called. You remember that tomorrow is payday. You look into your payslip and see salary and commission only 5000 USD. You think about what you going to do during holidays. Motivation to work is low..

World Best Working Place: You wake up in the morning, relaxed because you wake up a few hours later than a normal office hour worker does. You make your breakfast and start your computer to download messages and orders. You look out of the window and see the terrible weather and think: Im happy I don’t need to go out there. You eat your breakfast and read messages and orders. You start to look who you going to call today and skip the shower to later. You can be your self and do what and when you like. You get messages about your months payments. You look into it: 10 Bronze clients: 300 each is 3000 and one Gold client: 7500 and two silver clients 6000 and you count 16500 for one month. You want the top, Diamond level client: 15000 and bonus trip to Dubai with all included. You are relaxed, no one at other table disturb your day, your boss wont disturb you, kick the boss and start now. What we do?

Right now we call for World Biggest Reconstruction of Africa’s poorest countries. Project Africa.We call for to sign up businesses and companies as a support member for Project Africa.Each membership level include different packets for the support member. You higher support member level you bigger is the packet. Idea is to give something back and not begging for donations. Much similar as to join as a support member for a sport club. Membership levels and what included here .

The levels for the supporters is: Diamond: 50 000 Gold: 25 000 Silver: 10 000 Bronze: 1000 Businesses and people donate Millions to charities that put the money in own pocket. What shows that Project Africa is not one of them? Project Africa have full transparency. 2017-2018 economy together was 1100 USD or 900 EUR. With this money Project Africa grow to 9 countries, built, host a website, had meetings with different Project Africa management teams, print material and distribute it. Was on 2 Radio stations and much more. All work as volunteers and no one get any payment for the work. However we like to give basic support to our African local management teams for use of mobile and Internet as well tablets with Internet to them. Each business that signed up will have sales support from Project Africa. You as distance sales person will also have 24/7 sales support. People can also talk direct with the creator and President for Project Africa. For you as distance sales person is important that you have an internet connection of minimum of 5Mb up and 5Mb down. Check your internet speed here: SpeedTest . Do not sign up if your internet speed do not reach on the minimum level. Also your languages group you will be calling need to be at top level. You are calling business calls and some times bigger corporation leaders, they all need to understand you and you need to understand them: Halloo / Halloo languages is forbidden. For to get best possible start you need make sure your headset, your computer or tablet works as best. We recommend to use Skype unlimited or similar for unlimited mobile and land line calls to the country you will call to. Skype works good with business directories where you only enter the business directory and click on the number and Skype make the call. This after some setup in Skype. Payments is 24/48hour after we received funds from the client. You manage the entire process from send email, call, communicate with the clients and send bill and see if client paid and also you have possibility to give 10% discount if they pay in 24 hours. You will get similar page as this but with sales information for clients that want to contact you. Your page will be at Project Africa’s site. We need 200 people from all over the world and all languages now. Sign up now or call me for more information: +34 643 672 696. English – Spanish – Swedish – Finnish languages. Also telemarketing companies is welcome.