Best Work in The World – Recruit

World Best Work Place – Recruit

This is perfect for you that have a large contact network.

Here you use your contact network to find the right people to work for us. You will get commission from all their work. To keep things in your control you will have access to same control panel as the worker.

The workers you sign up will work as distance sales person in World Best Working Place.

The goal is that each worker will make at least 5000 EUR/USD/GBP a month. You get 10% of this. If you sign up 10 workers that: 2 make: 5000 a month and: 2000 a month and 1 make: 20 000 a month you get: 2700 per month. Of 10 usually 2-4 fail to make any result at all because of negativity or lack of self control in the work. Also because not understand that need to work, notonly play video games or sitt in a bar and weit for the money to come in.

Remember that you work as freelance or self business and do not get any compensation or basic salary at all. Only by working and get result you will make money. We recommend to work 3-4 hours a day to find people and advertise in different social media to find the candidates.

To get started send your CV to: