Welcome – Tervetuloa – Välkomna: Costa Office.

Welcome to Costa Office!

We are a full service company in the heart of Los Boliches, Fuengirola. We have the following services:

Real Estate: Sales, rentals, consulting, maintenance, construction, electricity and plumpers.

Translation: ( authorized court and legal translator) in Finnish, Swedish, English, Spanish.

Legal: We have professional and experience lawyers that have been more than 10 years each in active court activity. These lawyers is not paper lawyers, they always try to find the best solution in the best cost and time effective way.

Construction: We do new constructions or continue constructions with very experient professionals. We have architects, technical controllers, quality controllers, energy controllers all you needs. Intelligent planning. Make your home more flexible with moving walls. Open up one or two more rooms with temporarly walls.

Reformation: We do reformations of all kind of buildings. Also pull all down if needed and build new one. Bathrooms, livingrooms, terraces, changes of structures example: 3 bedroom converted in to one bedroom or reverese build in one more bedroom.

Energy: Energy solutions with solar panels, direct powered solar panels, reneveable energy.

Cleaning service in Fuengirola area with more than 20 years experience.

Child care: Drop on drop off.

Contact us at any time in Finnish – Swedish – English languages on: (0034) 643 672 696


145m2 Atico in Fuengirola.MA. Spain.

Call us or email us on: info@costaoffice.com

3 Bedroom, one bathroom house in heart of Los Boliches, near the church squere. This is a street level house that have 2 separate flats. Down is the 3 bedroom and one bath room flat with huge patio. Next floor is also a 3 bedroom flat with one bathroom that is rented out. Same family lived on top floor for years and paid their rent. Roof top terrace.

This property can be used as extra income from next floor apartments rental revenue.

This property can be pulled down and built new. Plot area 112m2 that can be built on in 5 floors including entrance floor.

This property can be reformed and rebuilt to 6 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. There is also space for swimingpool or similar on the about 30m2 back yard. In the video you see that some of the kitchen area is built on the terrace.

Price 325 000 €

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