Welcome to Costa Office.

Costa Office is old JMG or JM Group that worked in real estate and finance since 2006. Costa Office offer same but with other solutions like: legal, translations, constructions, cleaning among others.


We offer the best possible real estate solution with or without finance with own lawyer, notariesm reformation, designers, furnitures, energy and water. We walk hand in hand with you and help from the start to finnish.


We have lawyers for each cases. All lawyers is official lawyers that is professional in just your case.


Our 24/7 translation service help you in: English – Finnish – Swedish – Spanish languages.


Construction services from the best and realible companies on the coast. If you are from Swden you can use government discounts like Rut/Rot. Our companies can present all needed papers and done it before. Nothing is to big or to small. Contact for no obligation offer.

Other services

Dog training / Natural therapy like Zone therapy.

We have the best hand picked and tested providers for all your needs.